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Der Wandel der amerikanischen Familie in der Debatte:




Embattled Paradise
The American Family in an Age of Uncertainty (1991)
New York: Basic Books



Prologue: "Who Killed Ozzie and Harriet?"
Introduction: A Cultural Earthquake
Chapter 1. Sentimental Journeys: Making and Remaking the Modern Family
Chapter 2. "Trying Out the Dream": The Family in the 1950s
Chapter 3. The "Burned-over" Decade: Public Disorder and Private Transformation in the1960s
Chapter 4. Half a Revolution: The Second Wave of Feminism and the Family
Chapter 5. The 1970s and the Culture of Nostalgia
Chapter 6. Changes of Heart: The Social Sources of Psychological Transformation
Chapter 7. Backing into the Future
Chapter 8. The State of the American Family


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