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Ethan Watters: Urban Tribes

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    • Journalist, der in San Francisco lebt

Ethan Watters in seiner eigenen Schreibe


Ethan Watters: Porträts und Gespräche

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geplante Buchveröffentlichung:
Urban Tribes of the Never-marrieds (2002).
Secrets of Community from an Unlikely Source


Begriff "Urban Tribes"

"I use the word »tribe« quite literally here: this is a tight group, with unspoken roles and hierarchies, whose members think of each other as »us« and the rest of the world as »them.« This bond is clearest in times of trouble. After earthquakes (or the recent terrorist strikes), my instinct to huddle with and protect my group is no different from what I'd feel for my family.
(...) Tribal behavior does not prove a loss of »family values.« It is a fresh expression of them.
It is true, though, that marriage and the tribe are at odds. As many ex-girlfriends will ruefully tell you, loyalty to the tribe can wreak havoc on romantic relationships. Not surprisingly, marriage usually signals the beginning of the end of tribal membership."
(Ethan Watters im New York Times Sunday Magazine vom 14.10.2001)

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